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or take route 424 davidsonville road as an alternate. route 50 john hanson highway that may work for you as well. in the meantime, if you make the trip down to i-95 at maryland 175, look good. around baltimore beltway 695 at liberty road, traffic flow is is picking up as we look live here. but no problems to report on the harrisburg expressway. drive times. >> reporter: looking good there charley. >> all right. very good. thanks a lot. cat fight at occupy baltimore site has a woman facing charges. police spoke out about the issues downtown and sherrie johnson has the very latest. sherrie. >> reporter: well, occupy baltimore is an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement. thr trying to call attention to incoming eincome ineequally ate and other issues a woman was stabbed at mckeeledin square.
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desiree nicholson is charged with aggravated assault. she got into a fight with another woman at the camp over the weekend. this is all new video from this morning. the two were actually fighting about a cat when police records show that nicholson stabbed the woman. the woman was taken to johns hopkins for treatment and police across the country evict people out of the camp and authorities say they won force the denial of using the park at the time of their choice. >> but we are not going to tolerate people that are going to get into fights whether it be a stabbing or anything other and hurt people. >> reporter: an organizer say the victim and suspect have been staying at site but are not participants in the greater goal. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. an occupy protesters will be on the move in some cities. they are going to be joining up
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with housing rights activists to help families resist eviction and take control of vacant properties. this is an effort to focus attention in the ongoing housing crisis and giving moment jump and movement a new focus after dismantling many of the encampments over the past several weeks. texas -- in texas a shooting aboard an amtrak train andate a dallas union station involvesplain clothes narcotics officer and a suspect. it happened aboard the texas eagle waiting to depart for chicago. the officer and bystander are expect to be okay. an elderly woman says she was strip searched at jfx airport. she is one of thee women who complained about the screening processs at the airport. she says agents took her to a private area and checked a bulge in the colostomy bag and says the experience left her shaking and filling degrated. >> it's a sweatshirt on just sweat pants and i moved around and looked at my bag and the
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other woman was watching it. and i said donned touch it you have dirty hand don't come near me. and that's how it went out. >> the tsa says the incident involving is under review. here's one brave store clerk. he sways cleaning the shop what man armed with a knife yell at him and began to demand cash e stood up and punched the accused robber twice. the clerk got stabbed in the chest and the thief ran away without taking anything. the clerk had to get four stitches but he said whoa fight anyone who tries to steal from his store and word this morning is the clerk is back at work. heavy rains take the toll across the mid-south. several families in one tennessee town have lost their only way to dry land. and stevie wonder says he is ready for a new adventure in life. and what he is hoping to do. we will give you details coming. now new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech
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bites watching video services on your x-box 360. microsoft is releasing a update among the features is the ability to stream content from netflix, youtube and espn and search for movies across services. since the debut less than a month ago call of duty modern warfare 3 is the best selling video game of all time but c net dan being aerman is not sure it lives up to the hype. >> it's more of the same. the graphics don't get that much better. they don't have that many new game modes. but it's almost like you have to get the new version because everyone else is going to be playing the new version. >> reporter: if you purchased additional avatars to represent you during the next 10 days act vision will donate proceeds to a charity that helps veteran. call of duty endowment helps with job placement and transition to civilian life. throws tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." heavy overnight rain took out a section of a bridge in memphis, tennessee that leeks up to 50 families without a way to drive or get out since the road is the only way in or out of their somebody division. it could take several days to get the bridge fixed. but work can't start until the rain stops. and the water below the road recede. in the meantime, county public works crews are working to build another road into the community. time for a check of the forecast with just in. >> our rain is not that heavy right now but we have some of that showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar and there may be sprinkles. scale this back and we will show you where there's rain pushing to the north of bel air and hickory and heading up towards delta and crossing the line with the susquehanna and
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p.a. border. we are looking at are bands of rain. another wave of low pressure riding along the frontal boundary. cold air dives south and we will wait for the next wave to push through. things getting interesting heading through wednesday night and thursday. temperatures today pushing into at least the low 60s. there will be periods of rain and not a washout but later on it could get heavy. 5:37 minutes away we will talk about that snow map right now let's talk about traffic maps. >> reporter: on the traffic map a serious accident causing some slowdowns for you on crane highway at 450. we have a couple alternate routes in place. jump on i-97 this morning on you -- or take route 50 john hanson highway. 424 davidsonville road another good alternate route to get around the lane closures. in the meantime, make your way around baltimore, heading down to the capital beltway 95 at maryland 175 we are incident free. trouble free but just wet roadways on 695.
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baltimore beltway at providence road and we checked in with the mta all marc trains are running on time charley. former miss usa winners are facial drunk driving charges. according to people magazine he was arrested during the weekend in michigan. the beauty queen originally denied the incident on twitter but the attorney later came back and confirmed the arrest. he was the first miss -- she was the first -- won the crown last year and was the first to win the pagent. musician stevie wonder wants to compete on dancing with the stars. millions danceed to his tunes like superstition and dance together rhythm. now whoa love a chance to dance for some of -- now he would love a chance to dance for some of his music. if chosen he would be the first blind contestant and season 14 of dancing with the stars premiers here in march on amount bc2. days after her -- abc2. disafter herman -- days after herman cain suspend his
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run for president one of his accusers is saying that's not good enough. >> reporter: the harris teeter store is opening tomorrow. we will tell you about the special preview that's happening today.
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and top stories we are following on this tuesday morning. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is preparing to be sworn if as the first full term as mayor. she won the election nearly two years after her predecessor stepped down amid a scandal. the ceremonies will start later this morning in front of city hall. and annie mccann ran away in 20 08 and was found dead in baltimore. today her parents will meet with city police. her death was ruled a suicide. but her family is hoping new information from an unrelated arrest will shed lights on what happened to their daughter. and today former prince george's county executive jack johnson is expect to be sentencedch he pleaded guilty to extortion and wednesday and -- witness and evidence tampering e was convicted
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accepting cash and campaign contribution in exchange for helping developers secure millions in federal grant money. a new grocery store is opening and it's much anticipated but it's a harris teeter store. and linda so is live this morning with a preview what have we can expect. linda. >> reporter: let me show you the area first. it's a new development called mchenry row. you've new bank opening, lots of other stores, and a four- story park garage and then the harris teeth earth anchor of the developmentch the store opened and the doors -- development. the store -- the doors open tomorrow. they will host a private event to show community members what they are about. doors will officially open to the public tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. the ribbon cutting ceremony will happen at 10 wednesday morning. the store is located on wet stone way in the mchenry road the new development. you probably seen it from key highway. aid huge 2-story building and 61,000 square feet inside.
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harris teeter representatives say the store will have plenty of fresh foods and items to go to accommodate what customers want. for those living and working in the area, they have been a waiting a long time for it to open. >> it will be good for the neighborhood. certainly. because they are not only there but they have shopping stores and everything. so, i think it will be good. look, people need jobs. so, that will help people get jobs. >> reporter: the store will be open from 6 a.m. to midnight every day but tomorrow for the grand opening the doors will open at 8 a.m. live in locust point, linda so, abc2 news. a plan to get rid of next day first class mail has postal service facing a backlash from congress and customers. they are on the verge of bankruptcy and the change is meant to save 2 billion dollars but it would cost 21,000 postal workers their job. the fact has not gone over well in congress but the post master general says it comes down to
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dollars and cents. >> things changed in our business and leek any other responsible business you have to react to that. >> if approved it could take effect as soon as april. the postal says says there's another way to help with the money a troubles they want law make tors relieve it from the burden of having to make multibillion dollar payments to a fund for future health care retiree benefits. accusations sexual harassment helped to push herman cain out of the 2012 race. still, sharon has completely not completely satisfied that cain has decided to suspend his presidential bid. she talked to cnn piers morgan about the matter. >> you might think i would have been elated at that. it was kind of bitter sweet in the sense that yess way happy -- yes, i was happy he suspend it but it saddened me he did so and has not spoken the truth. he's trying to blame everything that happened on everyone else
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except for the one person he should blame it on and that's himself. >> herman cain suspend the run for the white house saturday afternoon saying he would instead focus on his family and promotion of his economic proposal from outside washington. he called the allegations against him "false and untrue" but said was bowing out because of the impact the allegations were having on his wife family and supporters. former vice president dan quayle is backing mitt romney for president. he will make the announcement official today in the phoenix area. the endorsement is week after mitt romney met with george hwbush and his wife barbara in texas. bp is accusing haliburton of intentionally destroying evidence to the deadly rig explosion. the newly filed court papers they say haliburton destroyed evidence so it could be used in a trial against it. haliburton spokeswoman says they are reviewing the details of the motion and says they
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believe the accusation is meritless and they will continue to fight it in court. today the maryland state board of etcation will -- education will vote on a consistent gpa for athletes requiring a 2.0gpa to play sports. vote could make it statewide and official if it passes. ravens star running back ray rice is going to make school more interesting in towson. he will be at emaculate heart of mary school helping them tackle health, wellness and fitness. it's part of the nfl place 60 super schools program. winning school received a 10,000 dollar grant for health and wellness programming and for athletic equipment. tonight we will be celebrating the baltimore colts hall of famers at the sport legend museum in the hall of legends. they are hosting the gala which features the induction of 7 pro football hall of famers including lenny moore, john
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mackey and jim parker. that begins at 5:30 tonight. it's that time of the year. flu season. and if you want to stay healthy, the baltimore county health department want to help. today they are hosting a free flu shot clinic for free flu shots on a first come first serve basis. no appointment is necessary and it's from 3 to 7 tonight. 3 in the afternoon until 7 p.m. at the government center on 641 york road on the third floor. justin. 5:48. we have been talking about the mild weather on the east coast and we have to talk about the arthic surge through the northern plains and -- arctic surge through the northern plains and eastern rockies. the cold air made it to expaso texas. 23 degrees right now. 33 in dallas. why mention that cold air? that is a crucial ingredients in the storm pattern and you can see little hint of the arctic air diving to the south. one thing i have been pointing out here since last week is i
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thought one particular computer model was giving more credit to the cold air and that's the one that has the potential snow event for the past week and that is with a we are tapping into. rain out ahead of it and upper level energy dike into the gulf of mexico even a -- diving into the gulf of mexico even a tropical feed. there's some hint as we are projecting this storm it could actually overproduce itself. that is one caveat we have to keep in mind when we check out the snowfall projections. but we are watching a intrusion of the pacific moisture and across the ohio valley. warm air feeding out ahead of it and that's why temperatures above normal in the 60s and there will be showers with most of the rain west into the mountains. cold air on the backside and not a snow across missouri and flurries into texas. we are waiting for the southernend as this wave passes by for a new storm to form and that's the one that we have to pay attention to. this is the one that is likely going to form tomorrow. it's not even there yet but
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once it forms, it will race up in a hurry and looks like it may actually peak out as it passes by maryland just as the cold air catches up. now this particular computer model not showing a precip turnover to snow but shows the heavier bulk of rain this evening and overnight. and another nod of moisture ahead of the storm where there may be snow on northern fringe that can assist in additional accumulation west and north of the area. we should have a turnover before midnight and on into the early morning hours on thursday and we could maximize potential with the storm wrapping up here. there may be some thunder mixed in with this thing coming down fast and furious for a few hours. but gone by sunrise. here's what you want to see. lower eastern shore mostly rain ending with snowflakes but the warm ground will waste a lot of flakes. think annapolis crossing the bay bridge easton up through kent county looks like you may get a slushy up to one inch there and it will go in the grassy areas. most of us around i-95 including baltimore a 1 to 3
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inch shot. done before sunrise and then we are for 2 to 4 inches on the hill tops. higher amounts on the hill tops including carroll county and hereford zone. 62 with periods of rain and rain tomorrow. but we are looking not at weekend highlights, we don't want to go there. apologize for that. looking for temperatures that will start to tank tomorrow and then we are looking for tomorrow night and thursday morning for the snow hit and the afternoon we are back to 42 but 40 is cold air and take us into the weekend. we will have the map online later this morning. 5:51 let's go back to the roads with angela. >> reporter: we are still dealing with some major backups in the crane highway area route 3 crane highway between 450 and 50 northbound and southbound lanes blocked. hop on either 50 or 450 or you may want to take 424 davidsonville road as an alternate. look good around the baltimore beltway area. 659 at maryland 144 frederick road. traffic picking up on the outer loop lanes but no delays to report. no problems on 95 north of
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maryland 43 white marsh boulevard. southbound lanes are picking up as we check our drive times. traveling southbound on 95 from white marsh to the beltway. taking about 6 minutes also southbound on the harrisburg expressway a five minute drive from shawan to 695. charley. a program used by more than 46 million americans now new guidelines to be handed down today regarding the illegal use of food stamps. details coming up. and after a 4,000 mile journey and 2,000 ornaments, time to light up the capital christmas tree in dc. we have a preview for you. and five things to know when good morning maryland continues.
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five things to know on this tuesday morning. sentencing for governor rodblagojevich is scheduled in federal court he was convict on 17 counts of of fraud and con corruption trying to sell then barack obama's u.s. senate seat. the president will be in kansas delivering remarks on what's being called a make or break moment for america's middle class. the speech will take place in small town of around 5,000 and is the same location president
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roosevelt delivered the 1910 speech on u.s. and new nationalism. the usda announces a new range of aggressive tactics to improve integrity in food stamps and announce new tools and tactics combating trafficking which is the sale of food stamps for cash. the announcement later today. and amy winehouse new album hits the stores today. she died in july after -- after alcohol poisoning. capital christmas tree lighting is tonight in washington, d.c. that tree is 63 foot tall and traveled more than 4,000 miles across the u.s. and it will be decorated with more than 2,000 ornaments. . he is accuse of leaking classified information to wikileaks, the defense an attorney is using to defend a soldier and witness list including barack obama. and not and you seen on florida beaches, the explosive
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look device that has police taping off the area. and many americans like french fries but the new look coming to one of the biggest fast-food chains and how you can take advantage of it for free. that's coming up in the 6:00 hour of "good morning maryland"we are back in few minutes.
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you are watching the station that works for you good morning maryland. >> new developments in a case involving a virginia teen found dead in 208 in baltimore. i am sherrie johnson. find out what new information police have in this case. >> reporter: look at city hall behind me. all decked out for the mayoral inauguration this morning many i will have all the details coming up. we are a day away from the harris teeter store opening in locust point. i am linda so. the special sneak peek happening today. >> it's tuesday deer

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